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What is GuangDongHua?

"GuangDong Hua" is the Chinese name for "Cantonese". It is the language of the GuangDong province of southern China.

What many people think of as "Chinese" is really a group of related languages, not dialects; many of which are unintelligible from each other.

For example, Mandarin Chinese is a Northern Chinese language adopted for use throughout all of China as a national language. Cantonese is a Southern Chinese language primarily spoken in the southern provinces of GuangDong, GuangXi, and in Hong Kong. Shanghaiese is spoken in the city of Shanghai and surrounding areas.

Because China is such a large country with an extensive history, most areas have developed their own local languages. The language landscape is similar to Europe's if Europe were all one nation. While Spanish, French, and Italian speakers acknowledge a shared linguistic heritage, their languages are not mutually intelligible. A student in Madrid cannot easily understand a professor in Paris. Similarly, a German mother cannot relay her concerns to an English doctor.

The language landscape in China is considerably diverse and fragmented. Often, a broker in Beijing must speak English to communicate with her counterpart in Hong Kong.

What is this website?

This is a website dedicated to the exploration of the Cantonese language.

Included on this page will be links to several resources dedicated to the Cantonese language.

The best Cantonese dictionary on the web is called Cantodict

The definitive grammar reference for the Cantonese language written in English is:

Cantonese Grammar book
Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar by Stephen Matthews and Virgina Yip.

It is available through Routledge publishing ISBN: 978-0-415-47131-2

Given that Cantonese is a tonal language, the most daunting aspect of studying Cantonese is learning how to recognize and reproduce the proper syllable.

A wonderful resource for the Cantonese sound systems is: Cantonese Character Database

Here is a list of vocabulary from Teach Yourself Cantonese textbook.

Resources for Studying Cantonese

The Linguistic Society of Hong Konga Hong Kong-based academic institution that studies and promotes Cantonese
Cantonese: A Comprehensive GrammarCantonese Grammar Website
CantodictThe Internet's Best Cantonese Dictionary
Cantonese SyllabaryCantonese Syllable Database
FSI Cantonesefree Cantonese book and audio files
Cantonese WikibookCantonese Wikibook
Cantonese Travel PhrasesCantonese WikiTravel Phrases
Learn CantoneseCantonese Learning
Qingwen Dictionarya iphone / ipad dictionary based on JyutPing
Online Cantoneseinteractive media site to learn Cantonese
Hong Kong Cantonese Corpuscollection of Cantonese language samples and statistical information
Cantonese Lessons and PodcastCantonese Lessons and PodCast
Cantonese BlogCantonese101 Blog
CantoFish Firefox Add-onCantonese Firefox extension
Input Cantonese into your ComputerCantonese IME for Windows
Online Cantonese Input MethodCantonese input method for the Web
Cantonese book publisherGreenwood Press

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